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A Modern CentreFor Campus Life

A Space for Everyone

The JDUC means something to us all. It’s where we study and work; where we volunteer and attend events; where we meet friends to grab a drink at the Queen’s Pub. The JDUC is meant to be the centre of student life on campus – but it needs a change.
For many years, the JDUC was the home of student life on campus, but its infrastructure has fallen behind over the years. This redevelopment will bring an increase to study space, clubs and faculty society space, much needed facility upgrades to student services, and will finally establish barrier-free access throughout the building, making it accessible to all.  

Why Redevelopment Now?

The AMS and SGPS undertook student consultations to know what you wanted in a student life centre. We heard from you that you need a modern, accessible, and inclusive JDUC. Queen’s has a long tradition of student-led change. This project will be no different. We will continue to work with all students to build a space we can all call home.



The JDUC currently only has one ramp access entryway and limited barrier-free travel throughout the building. An increase to study and work space throughout the building will help all students collaborate and learn together. This redevelopment would bring much needed accessibility to the JDUC, making it a space all students can use and enjoy.



The JDUC should be a place where students can come together and build friendships that last a lifetime. Upgrades to study space, club and faculty society space, the Queen’s Pub, and all student services will help us build community and give students a safe and engaging space to come together on campus.



Whether it’s dark hallways, raggedy carpets, or seeing your breath inside in winter, the JDUC is not an appropriate building for a modern student body. Redevelopment will preserve our University’s unique heritage while giving us a modern student space we can all use – finally on par with the best in Canada.

We Want to Hear From You

The goal of the JDUC redevelopment is to create a modern, inclusive, and accessible student hub on campus. The only way we can do this is by working with students. We want to hear from you about what you need and want from your student life centre.

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