The following list of proposed features for the redeveloped JDUC are hypothetical priorities and do not necessarily represent the final deliverables of the project. This website will be revised if any planned changes occur as the design phase of the project proceeds.


It will have barrier-free access for everyone and at-grade entrances at every major point-of-entry 

It will triple the number of public elevators serving both the new and historic sections of the building 
It has been designed with accessibility as a core objective
For the first time, many spaces in the historic part of the JDUC will be fully accessible to students that use a mobility device
It will also be socially inclusive and welcoming to students from all faculties and years of study


Sustainability is integral to the new JDUC’s design, which includes advanced energy modeling and careful use of glass on exterior walls

It has been designed to be sustainable now and sustainable for decades to come

It will be built ‘renewables ready’ for the integration of photovoltaic cells and other green technologies

It will extensively utilize natural light and natural materials to limit its carbon footprint

It will create a central active transportation hub on campus, so you’ll always have a place to lock up your bike or board

The JDUC Project includes rejuvenation of all on-site green spaces, landscaping, and will incorporate native vegetation to minimize water demand


It will create vast, beautiful new common spaces to study and enjoy

It will include a game-changing investment in club life, with 300% of the dedicated club space of the current JDUC

It will have bigger, better student services and new employment opportunities for students

It creates a variety of adaptable new bookable spaces for conferences, design teams, performance groups, and clubs of all kinds!

The New JDUC will also feature:

More study space

– Over 6,000 sq. ft. in NEW public study spaces for students 

– The New JDUC will be open and available 24 hours a day, all year long 

– It will feature abundant charging stations and outlets so you’re never left without power

Improved services

  • Queen’s Pub 

– Enjoy an outdoor patio at QP from March to November 

– A warm and inviting traditional atmosphere that honors our history and traditions 

– A bigger kitchen will allow for new food offerings, including products for students with dietary restrictions 

– It will bring the Underground above ground to a new permanent location on the ground floor so you can bust a move all week long

  • The Brew 

– A comfy place to study and enjoy a warm drink, with mixed seating like Common Ground 

– Tons of space to study and relax 

– A greater selection of products, including more soup

  • Printing and Copying Centre 

– Expanded floor plan for a larger space

– Faster and more convenient service than ever before! 

  • Tricolour Outlet 

– More variety than ever! 

– An easily-located destination for students, their families, and alumni

Financial accessibility

– After hearing feedback from students, we went back to the drawing board 

– The student fee for undergraduates has decreased from the $89 proposed last year to the current rate of $73.92 (beginning in year 3) 

– The fee starts at $40 for the first two years while the JDUC is expected to be under construction 

– A student aid bursary will be built into the project, so that the costs of investing in our future don’t fall on those who can least afford it


– The New JDUC’s design fuses the traditional Queen’s atmosphere with modern comforts and amenities 

– A new brick façade will preserve the traditional campus style 

– The renovated building will be made more approachable, accessible, and welcoming while respecting and celebrating the heritage of Queen’s 

– The corner of University and Union will remain an ideal place for students, alumni, and visitors to take pictures

An amazing new venue

A beautiful new public agora composed of tiered platforms that feature picturesque views up and down University Ave. 

– An inviting open space to learn, play, and relax  

– It will be dedicated common/study space for 80% of the time and become bookable event space on evenings and weekends 

– During exam season, it will become 24/7 study space

A focus on your health and wellbeing

– An integrated wellness hub that brings together the Peer Support Centre, Counseling Services, Food Bank, and more 

– The entire project will be designed to the ‘WELL Building Standard’ to protect the holistic health of the building’s occupants and visitors

Improved Safety

– A subterranean access point eliminates the need to receive shipments above ground – that means no more trucks behind the JDUC!

It will make Walkhome more accessible and visible than ever with a kiosk open to students

Your ideas

– Designed based on thousands of suggestions made by individual students and clubs 

– The New JDUC will feature more space for student life and less space for student government