A great place to study

During exam season, have you ever had trouble finding a seat at the library? I know I have, and I’m apparently not alone. Students have consistently identified the lack of study space on campus as one of the biggest issues in student life at Queen’s.  

In a 2018 study, almost 4 in 10 students identified a lack of study space as the biggest programming deficiency of the current John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC), with more than three quarters listing it as one of their top three concerns with the building.  

This isn’t a new problem, but it seems to be getting worse. In a 2016 survey, students said that in the peak months of November-December and March-April, it often takes them more than 10 minutes to locate an empty seat at the library, with many reporting that they frequently can’t find one at all. Clearly, we have to do better, and we can.  

On January 17th and 18th, all of us will be able to vote in the JDUC redevelopment referendum. If it passes, we will get a beautiful new student centre that includes over 6,000 square feet in NEW study and lounge space. But there’s so much more than that too, including desperately-needed improvements to accessibility, sustainability, and mental health services, which you can check out here.   

On January 17th, you’ll get a message to your Queen’s email with a link to vote. I hope you’ll join me in voting YES to more study space in a new JDUC.  

By Julia Göllner 

Academic Affairs Commissioner